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Update: net is 92m long plus the fishing lines haven't been counted yet.

We received a report from John Opsima, of Cangdoki Resort, of a long ghost net draped over the reef in Siquijor. Depth was around 16m and the length of it was at least 30 metres. Helped out by fellow SDI instructors from Silver Reef, Apo Scuba and Cangdoki, we set out to retrieve it all in one piece using lift bags and SMBs to 1. easily extract it from the reef 2. so that the coast guard can haul it out of the water easily.

All main divers were using either twin back mount or side mount and scooters for ease of mobility. Air consumption was based on the heaviest breather, but we all came up with more than enough gas (reserve included) as planned.

Such a shame that a beautiful reef filled with a good mix of soft and hard corals could be suffocated by a discarded net. We extracted a variety of dead Spider Conchs, Conchs, crabs, and other snails from the net. Fortunately, no turtle, snake or fish was trapped by it.

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