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Image by Silas Baisch

Macro: Frogfish


Frogfish can be seen all year round in Dauin, but the months stated above is the season for baby frogfish.  Breeding season starts around August/September so these months are a good chance to see mating behaviours. Water temp starts to get warmer from 25C up to 28C.


All photographs in this strip are the sole property of Ⓒ Analynne Sison 


Recreational Fun Dives


Dive with purpose.

This is the core value of our dive team. Every dive for us is a clean up dive, where we pick up garbage or clean up ghost fishing gear. We will also teach you some simple techniques in how to rescue coral, at no extra cost. Our dive pros are all passionate about the ocean, so come join us!



Recreational Dive Courses

We offer courses from trying out Scuba, to getting certified for Open Water up to Instructor level certifications.

We are certified to teach SSI courses in the following languages:

English, Tagalog

We can also arrange for an instructor to teach in a language not listed above with advance notice.

Technical Fun Dives


Our technical dive facility can cater to both mixed gas open circuit divers and rebreathers.  We can supply you with the mixes you need whether it be normoxic or hypoxic. Diving rebreather? We have a ready supply of sofnolime and diluent tanks.

Dive Professional Programs


Thinking of changing careers or being paid doing something you love? We have a variety of programs from SSI Professional Dive Guide, SSI Crossover to Assistant Instructor Trainer programs! Learn the benefits of the SSI System that is based of fair business practices with an emphasis on safety and environmental awareness.

Instructor Training Center.png

Dive with Purpose

The ocean already has enough problems going into it each and every day, so as a dive team, we at Silver Reef Dive Resort make every dive into a clean up dive.  By getting into this habit, we as instructors for Scuba Schools International hope that our students follow our example and make the ocean a little bit cleaner every time we go into the water.

We've picked up a myriad of ocean trash during our thousands of dives ranging from bits of plastic, to sacks, to shoes, diapers and napkins, and sometimes we get reports of discarded fishing gear.

With our extensive collective experiences, including technical overhead diving in Arctic waters, we are capable of extracting huge swaths of nets and hundreds of metres of fishing line.  On the left is a video of a net recovery we did in our house reef where we have resident Green and Hawksbill turles amongst a plethora of other marine life.

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